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Spiral Elevators

Your first choice for high-quality Vibratory Spiral Elevators.


These vertically aligned oscillating conveyors are gaining popularity in production lines and processes for their ability to elevate or softly de-elevate material and products. As a standard solution in various industrial sectors with limited space, these Spiral Elevators excel in bulk material handling.

With their small horizontal footprint and extensive travel distance, Vibratory Spiral Elevators are great at maintaining efficient flow rates of bulk materials while maintaining integrated processing (i.e., cooling, heating, drying, and humidifying) in a small space. For enhanced temperature control, the central tube can be equipped with holes through which cold or hot air can be circulated, ensuring optimally dispersed temperatures.

The design of Spiral Elevators ensures easy access for cleaning and sterilisation. Their gentle handling characteristics make them versatile for a wide range of products and materials, as well as the handling fine powders when a completely enclosed system is required.

When you choose VPC Systems, you benefit from Spiral Elevators that require minimal maintenance, offer exceptional reliability and are built to last. Count on us to provide trouble-free production for years to come.

Given the diversity of products and their unique properties, the design of Spiral Elevators is always customized to suit specific project requirements. Our collaboration with Curtis Vibrators Ltd and our engineering team's extensive 35 years of experience enable us to perfectly match the operational needs and facility dimensions of our customers. All our vibratory equipment meets high industry standards, adhering to ISO 9001 quality management standards.

For any inquiries about our vibration equipment or to request a free custom quote from our experienced engineering team, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide tailored solutions to increase efficiency and meet your operational needs.

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