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At VPC-Systems, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality vibrating equipment for your materials handling and processing needs.


Our product line includes:

  • Conveyors
    Efficiently transport materials with our reliable conveyors.

  • Screens
    Achieve precise material separation and classification with our high-quality screens.

  • Spiral Elevators (Bulk)
    Elevate bulk materials smoothly and efficiently.

  • Spiral Elevators (Cooling)
    Use our spiral elevators to cool materials effectively.

  • Shakeouts
    Efficiently remove sand and debris from castings with our shakeout equipment.

  • Compaction Tables
    Achieve proper consolidation and densification of materials with our durable compaction tables.

  • Feeders
    Ensure precise and controlled feeding of materials with our advanced feeders.

  • Tubular Conveyors
    Utilise our tubular conveyors for efficient material transportation.

  • Grizzly Screen
    Effectively screen out oversized materials with our rugged grizzly screens.

  • Furnace Chargers
    Streamline the charging process for furnaces with our reliable chargers.

  • De-watering Screens
    Remove moisture from materials with our efficient de-watering screens.

  • Vibrator Motors
    Power your vibrating equipment with our high-performance vibrator motors.

  • Compression Springs
    Experience reliable and efficient vibration control with our quality compression springs.

  • Perforated Plates
    Achieve precise material separation with our durable perforated plates.

Our vibratory equipment is meticulously designed and constructed to provide reliable performance, energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability, making them ideal for demanding applications. Trust VPC-Systems for consultancy, design, and fabrication services tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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