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Spiral vibratory elevators and vibratory elevators allow industries to maintain efficient flow rates of bulk materials while maintaining integrated processing (i.e., cooling, heating, drying, and humidifying) in a small space.

Spiral vibrators in modern bulk material technology are the cleaning-friendly, hygienic working method and the simple linking of the conveying process with procedural functions.

We work closely with Curtis Vibrators Ltd and the engineering team at VPC Systems Ltd have over 35 years experience in designing and building spiral vibratory hoists and vibratory hoists to perfectly match our customers' operational requirements and facility dimensions. All our vibratory equipment meets high industry standards, is custom built and manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management standards.


All vibratory spiral elevators and vibratory spiral elevators can be added with unique design and construction features to meet operational needs including: Due to Due Due to their small horizontal footprint and long travel distance, vibratory spiral conveyors are often used to heat or cool material.


Holes can be drilled in the core tube and hot (or cold, depending on the process) air passed through to help the product reach the desired temperatures. If you have any questions about our vibration equipment or would like to receive a free custom quote from our engineering team, please contact us.

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